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The 3Bender on Stage and In Studio

Hear 3Bender sounds from JHS Pedals, Kendell Marvel, and Rumours of Fleetwood Mac

Jules Belmont

You can find Jules Belmont touring with Kendell Marvel, Phosphorescent, Hannah Dasher, Kelsey Waldon, and Brent Cobb. In the video below, you get to see him slay a couple of 3Bender solos.

Scott Poley

Scott Poley is a composer, producer, musical director, YouTuber, session guitarist and pedal steel player. Scott was kind to invite us to a VIP Soundcheck Experience where he played the 3Bender for the very first time. Be sure to check our YouTube Channel for additional uploads of Scott playing the 3Bender during the concert.

Nick Loux of JHS Pedals

Nick Loux (the OG employee at JHS Pedals) is an incredible songwriter, improvisor, JHS Show Director / Editor and he likes to "just try things."He tries out a 3Bender on this episode and we think the song, "On the Bend" is outstanding.

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