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Examples of non traditional string bender uses

Updated: Apr 5, 2023

Honoring the string bending tradition and moving it forward

A common thread that I have found with 3Bender owners is that they are creators; composers, artists, and improvisers. The emulation of licks and riffs of other guitar players is not enough to satisfy them. They explore and push boundaries.

Below I've featured 3 artists that are using 3Benders in unique and original ways.


Art Bobb is an East Nashville artist that has released a new full live set using his 3Bender that was originally performed on Twitch. It is an electronic dance guitar-based trap ambient film performance. Listen for an alternately tuned 3Bender that he uses in completely unique ways. He also uses the 3Bender as a vibrato, and he gets a warbly vinyl record sound that makes me jealous.

Will Gibson is an Oklahoma-based singer/songwriter/musician that fronts his own band, Subterranean Hummingbirds, and plays well with others. Literally. You might find him playing with the jam band World Peace Death Ray in OKC this week and with the Bandeliers in Tulsa next week. Check out his 3Bender and acoustic guitar playing on the new album release from Bandelier. They call it Western Folk from the Southern Plains. The songs bring to mind wandering protagonists, innate codes of honor, and Ennio Morricone.

Does Henry Kaiser need any introduction? Doubtful. He is a free improvisation jazz rock legend. And in my limited contact with him, he was one of the coolest, kindest, and fun folks that has purchased a guitar. A quote from him about playing the 3Bender: “…. now I know I can play crazed 3Bender solos - I was chicken about that, but then it was easy playing ….without thinking at all….kinda like when the cobbler leaves the saucer of milk out for the elves, and he goes to sleep and when he wakes up the milk is gone and the shoes are all repaired.” In this video below, he plays the 3Bender while collaborating with Jill Sobule, Scott Colby and Wayne Peet during a cover of Ode to Billy Joe.

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