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  • What does a 3Bender do differently than a B Bender?
    A 3Bender bends 3 strings simultaneously and accurately: the B string to C#, the G string to G# and the A string to B. But more impressively, it bends a big E chord to an A chord or a small F chord to Bb.
  • What if I just want to bend the B string?
    Then just bend and play the B string. The other strings will bend but if you are not playing them, they will not interfere with you just playing/bending the B string.
  • Can you show me some guitar or pedal steel licks that work well on the 3Bender?
    Yes, please subscribe to our newsletter for video tutorials and follow our Instagram page for guitar licks that work well on the 3Bender.
  • Why don’t I just buy a pedal steel and learn how to play it?
    Great idea! We love pedal steel guitars and pedal steel players. They bring us joy.
  • How much does a 3Bender guitar cost?
    Usually around $3500 with standard specs. Standard specs includes a lightweight (less than 4.5 lbs before 3Bender routing) ash T’style body with aged closet clean finishing in nitrocellulose lacquer, 25.5” scale maple neck with 6105 frets and 9.5” radius, Fender vintage-style locking tuners, Fralin pickups, Mastery bridge and string tree, Hyperion Tone Solder-Free Harnesses, premium hardware, and a Monocase sleeve. A custom spec’d guitar will be more.
  • Whose components do you use?
    We prefer Lindy Fralin pickups, Mastery bridges and string tees, Hyperion Tone solderless controls, premium hardware and Mono guitar cases.
  • Why do you use Hyperion Tone solder-free harnesses?
    T-style guitars were originally designed to be modular. This is a feature that improves that goal. The Hyperion Tone Solder-Free harnesses allow the guitar player to easily try new pickups without creating a potential solder mess and/or devaluing their guitar because the solder joints aren’t professionally done or original.
  • Which guitar and guitar hardware builders/designers inspire you?
    Leo Fender, Paul Bigsby, Bob Stafford, and Gene Parsons, of course. But also Les Paul, John D’Angelico, Rick Kelly, Michihiro Matsuda, John Woodland, and Bill Collings.
  • Can I just buy the 3Bender hardware and install it myself?
    We prefer to build a guitar for you with the 3Bender hardware installed.
  • Can we discuss a custom order?
    Sure. Custom guitars are fun. As long as the 3Bender will fit and function properly, we can accommodate your custom specs. Please see our custom guitar section for items that you can customize. If you have a special requests that is not listed, please reach out to us. We love to talk about guitars.
  • Is a deposit required on a custom guitar?
    Yes, once we settle on specs. We typically require a 50% deposit, but this may vary depending on specs.
  • Will a 3Bender cure my insomnia?
    Doubtful, it may keep you awake trying to find new chord inversions and/or new voicings.
  • You say you run a one-man shop but then you sometimes say “we” in the FAQs and blogs.  Who is “we”?
    I am the only person building guitars....but my wife and oldest daughter are integral to the 3Bender business also. As you might expect, there is a lot more to the biz than just building guitars, and I am so thankful for my family. Also, you might hear from Barry. He’s a friend that has been around since the 3Bender was only a few (much different) machined parts and a crazy idea. His engineering/manufacturing skills and insights have been invaluable.
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