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Hear What the 3Bender Sounds Like on Records

We are excited to bring you up to date on some 3Bender artists. If you have been wondering what the 3Bender sounds like in the context of recorded music, check out these musicians:

Jay Goree - A longtime friend and musical collaborator, Jay writes stories in the tradition of Guy Clark, Fred Eaglesmith and Ray Wylie Hubbard. Last year, we recorded an album called “Long Hard Road“ at my studio where we used his 3Bender on several of the songs. The album was just released June 14, 2021 on iTunes, Amazon and CDBaby. Specifically, for 3Bender, check out the Long Hard Road lead guitar break and Say Goodbye to Hardtimes.

Art Bobb - 3Bender is not just for country music! Art Bobb’s new project AwE Sh!t includes 3Bender goodness. It is a Buckethead/Daft Punk influenced dance song callled twangwave. It premiered on DJ Austin Kramer’s UNreleased show on Tomorrowland One World Radio. You can find twangwave on Spotify, Apple Music, and Tidal. Follow the new project here.

Matt Rae - Matt is a performing and recording artist that has played with Sonny Landreth, Matt Schofield, Redd Volkaert, Commander Cody, Johnny Winter and Levon Helm. He is also an excellent guitar instructor; an amazing talent and teacher with incredible chops…and extraordinary patience. You can check out Matt’s latest 3Bender video of Bud’s Bounce below.

Will Gibson - Will is an artist with a deep appreciation and understanding of the American music tradition. You can see him here with Bandelier, and you can find him performing in Oklahoma City at The Deli with his new band Subterranean Hummingbird Committee. Will has most recently recorded 3Bender tracks for Liam Hosty. Listen to those bent notes below on a song called We’ve Come a Long Way on the album Selling Sunflowers.

We hope you will check out these great artists who are playing the 3Bender in their new music, and we look forward to highlighting more talented folks in the future.

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