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3Bender Updates and Big E Chords

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

The feedback we've received so far has been exceptional. We're only getting started.

This year has been much different than any of us expected.

Our plan for 2020 as of late last year was to meet lots of new folks while visiting guitar shows around the globe and debuting the 3Bender.

Obviously, that did not happen and will not for a while. However, prior to the pandemic, we were able to demonstrate our original 3Bender product to several music retailers and gigging musicians around the U.S. Based on the interest we received early on, we have concentrated on using technology and social media to reach out to those expressing interest in 3Benders.

The feedback has been exceptional. The most common response is, “Do that again!” and our favorite response is, “I want one of those!”

The process of seeking a patent and trademarking our product name was a lengthy one, but once that task was underway, we were able to begin building and filling orders. We have posted pictures of those guitars and we hope you might take a look at them in our web gallery or on Facebook and Instagram.

Currently, we are building T’style guitars with the 3Bender accessory built in. We always start with a lightweight body so that the end result is a lightweight guitar that is easy to play at a 4-hour gig. We use premium components to build a guitar that plays, feels and looks like a vintage guitar, including modern features like locking tuners, premium wiring harnesses, exceptionally stable saddle/bridge, and an overall road-worthy build quality.

Stay tuned for new products and accessories, and we may even have new and original 3Bender body designs to show you later this year! While the pandemic is keeping us at home and preventing us from going to guitar shows, we continue to post new demos and guitar pictures to our social media, as well as release video tutorials on our Big E Chord YouTube channel to give you inspiration on pedal steel licks for some of our favorite note-bending songs.

We hope you will follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter or considering bookmarking this blog. Make sure to check back soon to find stories about 3Bender players and their musical journeys with our guitars.

Here’s to seeing you in person in 2021!

-- Wade

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